Frame-Mount 4-Stroke Source? YES!



In searching around for information on the Grubee 4 stroke kit (after I ordered mine and was enduring a wait), I ran across this site:

I did not buy from them, never have. I did a search to see if anyone here has mentioned them and I could not find a mention (maybe I did not search correctly).

I have my kit now (same one they sell from a different vendor) but I may want some other parts like the long exhaust pipe. Anyone dealt with them? Any thoughts?



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Not only do they seem to have the GRUBEE installation Kits they seem to have the GRUBEE Heavy Duty Hub with Brake and 48tooth cog for $49.00

OC Scully


that's a birddog site...looks like it's new, and it looks like he's up to speed on the 4-stroke stuff. good find, i think...we'll know soon enuff i guess.



I have purchased just a few small replacement parts with them, but I can say that they deliver VERY quickly. Also, they sent me a the wrong part, and were very quick to ship out the correct one. They told me just to keep the wrong part as a spare rather than send it back. How's that for customer service? I am anxious to get a 4-stroke Honda and a kit.


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i'm "augidog" and i run

it's great to see a new selection of the 4-stroke kits and parts, but there seems to be some confusion (from new forum members, maybe not adept at shopping online) as to whether you're a wholesaler or retailer. the site looks retail to me...

so, at the risk of asking a stoopid question to clarify:
are the parts listed on your new site available for retail?

i'd like to post this email and your response on our forum, people are looking for epa-approved kits & it seems you may be THE there anything you'd like to say to our group?

augie d.
i should have clarified that i meant THE source for frame-mount 4-strokes...there are several reliable and reputable sources for other styles of drive, including our sponsor, Golden Eagle Bicycle Engines.

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Thanks for your email. I am happy to offer you more information and
answer any of your questions. I do apologize for the delay in response. is designed as a factory direct outlet that
offers bulk discounts. I guess we are sort of a combination of a factory
direct retail store and wholesale distributor. In the general sense we
effectively operate as both. I would liken it to a Nike factory retail
outlet. You can go there and purchase a name brand pair of shoes for a
very good price. You can also, if you talk to the right people, purchase
a truckload of the same shoes at a wholesale price to resell in your own
shoe store. Using this marketing approach allows us to bring the average
consumer, who might only buy 1 or 2 kits, the best price available,
while still allotting our bulk customers a healthy discount so they can
re-sell in the same or similar markets.

We are very excited about our new generation of 4 stroke bicycle engine
kits. The official name is the Grubee SkyHawk Whopper Stopper Stage II.
The highlight of the new stage II kits is the patented gear box
transmission with a centrifugal clutch that affords you true
give-it-gas-and-go functionality. This new gear box is precision cut
with CNC machined gears which equals better performance with less noise.
Plus the new gear box isolation option allows you to disengage the drive
train for effortless pedaling while the engine is not running. These
kits promise to add an exciting element to the motorized bicycle realm.

I think you have a great forum and hope to become a member and active
participant on the site. As a way of saying thanks for offering this
opportunity I would like to offer your forum members/readers a special
discount. Anyone that calls in their order and mentions the forum will receive $10 off their first order

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Josh Knoedler
A division of Birddog Distributing, Inc.
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Much appreciated. I look forward to tweaking my build with some things from that site.