frame mount 80cc on a rack?

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    I already have a frame mounted 80cc bike, but i have a nice oldschool schwinn that the motor wont fit on the frame. I can get a great deal from a local guy on a 80cc frame mount motor kit , but i want to mount it on a rear rack. I think it will work but my friend does not. I want some opinions before i buy the motor and cant use it . Thanks

    PS I know the motor will have to be severly angled but i have been told that the 2strokes are very forgiving as far as mounting , I think my hardest part would be the mounting brackets, I mean its the same concept I would just set it up like a frame and shorten the chain to the 44tooth sprocket. Please let me know what you guys think thanks
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    I am sure it could be done, but with some great amount of fabrication on your part!

    Aligning the engine with the sprocket on the rear wheel would not be that hard, but you would need a very sturdy rack mount to hold the engine while she vibrates when running.

    Also, someone correct me if I am wrong here, The fuel tank needs to be higher then the carb as it is gravity feed I believe. (anyone???)

    Good luck with the build and ride safe!
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    I completely forgot about the gas tank maybe I will just try to frame mount it I am about to post pics and give you guys idea on the situation at hand
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    Try this... I wouldn't want the fuel tank where it is though (ouch)!

    You could quite easily fit a diapraghm carb to one of these, they only need a spacer between the carb and head (bolt holes match up OK)
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    The OCC Chopper mounts would probably work on a flat platform.