I started out with a used MB frame and an 80cc kit from Kings in Florida. All was well and then I thought I'd be cool and buy a new chrome cruiser frame form one of the lowrider parts shops. Man was that thing shinnnnnnnnnie like a new penny ............well for about a month and then it got some rust around the welds where you can't clean.........and as time passed on it just lost its luster. Chrome requires alot of cleaning and work that I don't seem to keep up with and so I've been looking around for a frame for a year or two. Lets see I sold that kit to a friend ,so I'd have someone to ride with , last year and got a Dac's 65 cc. kit that I put on the chrome crusier and then last week I found a bike at the local Pedal Peddler . He's a guy that buts old bikes together and sells them in his front yard really cheap. This bike is also a crusier frame and had gobbbbbs of old paint on it so I started to strip it down using the E friendly stripper and was getting one coat at a time then I got tired of messing around and got out the old Zip Strip and in no time it was bare metal.Its a Columbia frame and I sent them the numbers and it turns out to be a 1953. Its in great shape and is now bright floresent orange. If they don't see this thing comming they are lookin the other way. Question ....Has anyone else built an M Bike using an old Columbia frame??? Are there any problems I should look out for??? Thanks for the help .... T... in W.V.,