franco morini 50cc inspired boardtracker

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    here is my latest build, i am going to redo the exhaust when the parts come, front end is a beach cruiser frame , back end is my old mountain rigid frame, miged and tiged, front 100mm rigid fork with disk break, exhaust from peugeot 103 spx, franco morini s6t engine, custom tank all steel with double petcocks, custom mounting brackets, clubman style motorbecanne handle bars, brooks seat, custom seat post......pulled 52mph 1 st time out, it wanted to keep on going, no vibrations...42mph up a 27degree hill...i still haven't worked on the carbs....more to come

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    EXCELLENT !! the look and workmanship are awesome.

    how many teeth on the rear sprocket ? looks like 40.

    it was my understanding that for most good pipes the carb didn't need any adjustments, more info please ?

    i'm guessing you give it a run and jump on ? would work for me.

    what rpm does the clutch engage at ? do you know what ground speed you are going when it disengages if you are dropping rpms very slowly toward idle?

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    39 tooth from King's sales but we are going into fabrication soon, it is a universal pipe and some choped uped parts, i still need to do some shaving at the head area (flow ristriction issues, it is a kick start....only (with optional ignition start)..i kick it on, 3000 rpm, i just idle at 3000 and open it up and off i go.
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    approx. 16.42:1 overall reduction AND enough power to pull off from a dead stop.

    too cool

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    thanks....keep the rubber on the road
  6. where did you get the engine and how much? Nice build
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    Yeah !!!