Franco Morini 9.4hp first start *video*

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by nidyanazo, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    Well guys I'm very excited to post this; I started the motor for the first time today and it's music to my ears.

    Have a listen for yourself:

    BTW I'm getting closer to being finished, but I'll take the motor out again, weld, grind down, and paint the mounts.

    Then when that's finished, I'll add the covers, correct gas tank, and get the details sorted.

  2. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    Video is processing right now so check back and watch in HD.
  3. Bozanceroz

    Bozanceroz New Member

    niceee looks like it will go really hard i bet it could pop up lol
  4. G-Superior

    G-Superior Member

    dont rev to high when it new!:shout: :D
    you really dont want to seize it up or damage it
    take it easy, the oil needs to go around the engine in every small bearing and it needs to be warmed up slowly
    you really would not like to see a brand new morini engine damaged:eek:
    I LOVE MORINIs:bowdown:
    want to see that thing on the road now!
    and welcome to the forum!
  5. G-Superior

    G-Superior Member

    forgot to say something:rolleyes7:
  6. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    The video was edited, I let it warm up with the choke on before I revved it much.. :whistling:

    Total running time was about 5 mins-
    That was just the first heat cycle, later on I took it for a ride but I needed to get larger fuel tubing. Im going to swap on a china kit tank for now, since the goped one had no petcock valve and the diameter of the fuel "tap" was too small.

    I could feel it filling the float bowl then riding it it would die, and looking at the fuel line it would refil the bowl then it's okay to start again.

    Just got back from the auto supply with the correct dia. tubing so we'll see how that goes...

    Glad you like it!
  7. nidyanazo

    nidyanazo Member

    I just got back from a ride....It's excellent.
    havent gone over 1/2 throttle, but it cruises at 35/40mph effortlessly.

    Acceleration is strong (relatively speaking)
    But after a couple tanks I know the clutch will free up, right now it's engaging kinda high...

    I dont use the pedals at all, and it's fine keeping up with city traffic... starts from a standstill and pulls away cleanly.

    Switched tanks, so It looks alot better..
    And switched the brakes so the front brake is on the right side like a motorcycle.