Frankenstein engine dax f80 block, gt5 cylinder, twin plug high comp head

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    Hey there new member here first build I would appreciate any type of tips & help. Im gonna use a dax f80 type s block and piston 1472061418514-1840733253.jpg 1472061458545441902910.jpg 1472061537294-1759649803.jpg 1472061586796661827689.jpg 14720616119882061017229.jpg 1472061640264-1935709986.jpg 1472061640264-1935709986.jpg , top end will be a gt-5 super cylinder body from CR machine that has been shortened and had the intake moved for a reed a valve 14720618118721011903841.jpg 1472061878930-2062981225.jpg , last will be the rse reed valve I am waiting for the twin plug head & cdi from CR machine to arrive hopefully Ill finish it soon any type of tips to make this motor better let me know please

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    I love the look of a clean motor:D

    'Apparently there has been a lot of talk about retarding the timing on these engines to get more power out of them.... I haven't experimented with that yet, probably my next upgrade' EDITED

    A good way to get cheap power out of a HT engine is too port and polish the exhaust and intake. The stock ports are restricted and act as a governer, make them larger and you get instant power:p

    An expansion chamber can multiply your available power by a lot.... Most people like to make their own pipes because they want their own power band to suit their needs.... If you want mid-high rpm power get the MZMIAMIPARTS expansion chamber, provides a lot of power where your engine would usually top out at

    Good gaskets will help with compression

    Use grade 8 bolts on EVERYTHING.... The stock studs will work but strip very easily, lock nuts and loctite on everything.

    A good quality bike helps a lot because they take a heck of a beating:)

    Welcome to a addictive hobby, you've got a great start so far!
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    thanks man i will look into that chamber right now i am trying to figure which carb would be good for my build i wanna try out the deltorro phbg 21 but i don't if it'd be to big for my motor is there a way to calculate what size carb i need?
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    Hi! Did you say advance the timing? I'm not sure that would be a good idea unless you are going to be driving at very low speeds all the time. The timing on the stock ignition is already too advanced for use in higher rpm bands. Of course, the manufactuer has implemented a number of things to keep you under 5000 rpms. Like the inhibiting balance job they put on these cranks. A Chinese manufacturer wroote to me that it was not in his interests to make engines that did not coincide with the traffic laws of most countries. In short, the makers of these engines are afraid that you will get them banned and they will lose markets. Soooo.... you have lots and lots of work to do if you want to get to some real power ;-)
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    Retard the timing then, I always get them backwards:)
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    I got the CR machine 6.0 twin plug head :cool::):D:D but I have to get the piston shortened a bit. It was sticking out to far past tdc. I'll post pictures later my connection is horrible right now.:mad::mad: