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    so I just built a gt5 stroker motor. It has a pk top end cyl slant head and piston. the wrist pin height is 4 mm lower on the pk piston than the skyhawk so made up the diffrence with a spacer plate and 2 base gaskets adding the 4 mm I needed. this motor is the fastest one i've ever built it has some serious pull and it revs way past stock specs. the only mod i did to cylinder was widened and tapered off the exaust port. chamfered the other ports and added a pirate cycle -mm billet intake and jetted the carb leaner on the main. look out also have the pk skyhawk clone ready to go in a bike when i sell a few of the ones I have..:dunce:

  2. If the wrist pin is lower on the cylinder it would create more compression but the stroke volume would be the same. If you then lengthened the cylinder with a spacer plate then you'd end up with the same compression as stock. Is there something I'm missing here?
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    the piston pin being 4 mm lower on the pk piston added 4 mm of stroke before i made the spacer plate the pison stuck out of the top of the cylinder to the top of the second . it definately is way faster than anybodys motorbike i ride with way faster blowing by people i dont doubt i am hiting over 35