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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by anthony1973, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Warning!!!!! Watch out for the kenda white wall tires.Bought a set 4 days ago and had the bike shop put them on.My brakes are aligned on the rim not hitting the tire.Went for a ride today and about 15 miles from the house.My sidewall exploded on my rear tire and Needless to say I had a long push.Tire was either dry rotted or the belt Inside the tire just snapped.I got within 4 miles of my house pushing my beast and got a ride rest of the way.I put on my old schwinn spare from 2 years ago and It's still reliable today as It was back then.I am wore plum smack dab out and hope This never happens again.I'll be sure to buy some high dollar tires next week or maybe even decide to get solid core flatproof Innertubes being I don't have time for this kinda mishap.My Innertube was ruined also.Tried 6 patches with no luck.And did some fix a flat.So far so good.But,I know this Is only a temporary fix.I'll be switching Innertubes tomorrow at the shop provided I can make It there In one piece.

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    Got those same Kenda tire on a new trike I just bought...junk for sure and dangerous as in hospital time on two wheels replaced them with Marathons..good tires very important in my opinion on these motorbikes or even slow pedal bikes..even if you don't get hurt , flats and blowouts are no good , take all the fun out of the ride or makes you late if your commuting
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    I agree!!!Glad to see someone else knows what I am talking about.Thank Goodness I was on backroads.Looked good but looks mean jack squat when It comes to reliability or possibly getting turned Into a greasy spot on the highway.Really P.O.'ed me that I had to push a bike approx 12 miles give or take a mile.Talk about junk.Kenda should seriously reconsider their product and make Improvements on their whitewall tires.4 days old these tires were.Now I gotta get another set.Just rediculous crapmanship on kenda's part.