free bike or parts u pay shipping!

ok, up in the loft, i have a 26-27 inch spalding im pretty sure 21 speed, i bought it at a yard sale for 5 bucks, the only thing wrong is, the tires are dryrotted, but the tubes are still good, and it can be riden no problems, i might have canniblized a brake cable to use on my minibike, but if you take the whole bike off my hands i will hook up a brake cable free of charge, i will charge only the cost of shipping, I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY PROFIT OFF OF THIS BIKE the front wheel has a quick release axle, i figured it must have cost somone a pretty penny cause this bike looks like it was top o the line at 1 point. i will take pics tommro, i have to take it out of the loft, i may CONSIDER local pickup, i say consider cause i dunno what my ma will think of that. i need to get rid of this bike so i can put my mountain bike up there, because it is seldom ridden, so if intrested pm me i will do whatever YOU want with the money you give me.i will ship upon reciept of payment!!! i only have boxes up to a certain size so i might need to pay for it to be packaged. pretty much everything the size of a wheel and up. i dont expect anyone to want this bike, but i figured id post before i put it out on the lawn next week, i am positive garbage pickers will take it.
28 views and not 1 part needed lol incase i was unclear (i am alot) i will take any part off and ship it 2 u i just ask for the shipping money. i have a paypal and i will except money orders ill be going out to take pics later today.
i hate global warming!!! it rained all day yesterday, and then went down to 9 overnight, and now i went outside i got 1 lock off, but the combo pad lock is frozen, cause u gotta push up before pulling down, it went up, but no downn, so i took an ICE PICK AND A HAMMER to it and it still wouldnt budge! i can break a lock in 1 hit doing that! so no pics right now, the 1 lock i did get open, i took it in and put a flame in the key hole and water POURED out! i had to change my pants, it looked like i peed myself..... , oh and tommro its supposed to be 40 again! what gives! grrrrrrrrrrr.
ok guys tommrow is garbage day, and im gonna put it outside at about 7 tonight if noone wants it..........