Clutch FREE.....FREE....FREE Clutch mod bracket

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  1. Al.Fisherman

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    Moderator....Please move this to a section you would like and make a sticky of it till after the drawing...Please

    I feel so good that I'll have my truck paid off at the end of this month 8/31/10...So I want to celebrate a little.

    Here is what I'm going to do.... As most know I make a roller bracket for the clutch cable. These are to be used on the HT Chinese engines. I'm going to give two (2) away FREE including postage in the 50 states. Anyone outside may have to pay the difference, depending on the cost of postage.


    1) Everyone can enter three (3) times. More then the 3 will be grounds for disqualification.
    2) I don't want to sort out through posts that are just comments, so every post will be considered a entry. Remember a max of three (3) posts.
    3) Determination of winner will be the post #
    4) Drawing will be done through
    Rest assured that I don't care who wins, I don't have but two people close to me other then my son, and a friend Mike who have HT's, and I made them for them.
    These will be the same mods that I sell for $17.00.
    I might give away a third one that was a prototype with a nylon vs metal/roller bearing roller. Not as good but works.
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  2. motorpsycho

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    I would like to enter please.
  3. crowvise

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    and to enter?...
  4. Fulltimer

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    Put me down for one!

  5. pucksterpete

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    Me too, if I don't win, I'll buy one, whats shipping cost to 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes France? Thanks

  6. SimpleSimon

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    Put my name in the pot, por favor.
  7. Vistaman73

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    Official contest entry 1 of 3!
  8. GearNut

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    Count me in!
  9. poo poo pipe

    poo poo pipe New Member

    I'm all in,

    I am installing my cable now, When i win i will be glad to swap it out!
    1of 3
  10. Sterno666

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    I'm in!

  11. Apachekid

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    Put me in please, Al. 1/3
  12. tjs323626

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    I like. I want one too!
  13. occchopperfl

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    lol! :)

    the wonders of the word FREE!

    Put me in too! 1 of 3 entries.
  14. 5446

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    Iam in here in Colorado 1 of 3 entrie and THANKS!
  15. tintor

    tintor New Member

    that is paying it forward!!!!! right on
  16. Vistaman73

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    Official Contest Entry 2 of 3!
  17. occchopperfl

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    Official Contest Entry 2 of 3!
    Thank you! :)
  18. poo poo pipe

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    Im in again !
    2of 3
  19. muddawg

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    looks great ...count me in please
  20. muddawg

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    count me in # 2