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    Bikers! The 2-stroke MB is the most underrated vehicle on the planet and there is a strong case for a comeback.

    Most people don't like bike maintenance and working with engines, so I think that there is a need to put customers in touch with bike builders and service mechanics.

    In the next few weeks I will set up a free directory service for bike builders and mechanics and then I'll do what I can to send business their way. I reckon that my creation, the HybriPed Sprocket will prove popular and will be a great help to the EPA to help lower greenhouse emissions!!

    Take a look at my website and let me know what you think of the website and my idea to provide a free service to bike builders. That would be a great :helpsmilie:

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    Hey Greg..ENO (Oz) NSW..At last an Aussie vendor and service site..Ill keep an eye out for your real MB guys in Newcastle..closest is Gasman Bikes in Sydney..Good service too / fast postage / decent prices. However I dont think they have the "know how" or mechanical info that some of us need as they are (I think) just retailers and not fabricators..Check out the Aussies in the thread "AUSSIE ROLL CALL" and see if you can access the "Frapper Map" like the Americans have to locate each other..Good Luck ENO
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    Thanks ENO

    I've been on the sprocket case for 2 years. Its about time I got it off the ground. With the global economy in freefall, there is no time like NOW.