Discussion in 'General Questions' started by urbancombat, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. urbancombat

    urbancombat Guest

    If you have a chapter in your neighborhood, go for it. It's part of Yahoo Groups. I posted "Wanted: Bike parts, frames seats, etc. "

    Three hours later I had a 26" Royce Union Aluminum frame, front suspension MT bike in my house. Free.

    Sports authority 250.00-300.00 new.

    The thing had a "broken" crank, which I fixed in 30 mins. The bike is pretty much mint condition otherwise. Amazing. No motor for this bike, this will be an actual trail bike, it may actually survive the task...

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    yes, i had a blast with freecycle when in boston, so much good stuff hitting the curb in a city...alas, we're pretty remote on the peninsula and there's few pickin's...however, when we do find something, it's usually in the vintage class, so all good :)
  3. cooltoy

    cooltoy Member

    I subscribe to that as well, every day I get about ten emails , mostly offers. Anything from boots to airconditioners have come my way.They do ask that you offer before asking though. One time I ended up with about 100 AA batteries that were used once in medical stuff. Great idea. It's nice because you can pick your area, so it's always just a few blocks away.