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    Another forum I frequent,, was taken down because of a DDoS attack. There's not too many people besides "The Man" who could have the resources *and* the will to take that site down. I made this replacement in order to salvage the Spirit of the members before the site was taken down for good. Sure enough... the host server has taken the site down and cannot put it back up until the owner contacts them. It's OK, tho. We can rebuild again...

    I will be adding more information I've found at the law library both here and at my new forum about MBs. Specifically, I found an "attorney general's opinion" that states since "motorized bicycle" is only mentioned one time in the braking section, it is obviously a different beast from a "motor vehicle" or "motorcycle", since it's only mentioned in that one section.

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    Isn't "the Law" actually found in the Bible? ("love the Lord God & love your neighbor as yourself")
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    Or if you have no questions, just browse the forum. The "Service Providers" sub-forum is my personal favorite for right now. If you want to take the Red Pill, then stop here first.

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    We have a new URL --->

    The logo looks pretty tacky, but I'll find something else sooner or later.

    Just a little history as to my own meddling with "The Man" (or "The Man" meddling with em, actually..)...

    I got stopped at a roadblock. Didn't have DL on me because I lost my wallet. Pulled over. Offered name, DOB, SSN, etc. Cop takes his sweet arse time and as he's joshin' around with his copper pal, I ask... "Is this standard procedure for someone who lost their wallet?" He flips out, rushes over beside me, starts spitting in front me, etc.. then says, "I was only gonna give you a warning, but now I'm gonna give you a citation! And ya know what.. turn your lights on!"

    It wasn't even dark out (didn't realize the importance of this until looking at the statute), but I complied. He comes back with 2 tickets -- No DL on Person && No tag light.

    I later jump thru lots of hoops at court that I shouldn't have jumped thru, but at least I figured out how "the game" works. The municipal judge actually tossed me in a holding cell for 10 minutes because I wouldn't answer the way he wanted. I came back out and acted totally normal, because I needed to get out for THE MOST IMPORTANT POOL LEAGUE GAME OF THE YEAR!! He told me I'd have 10 days in jail and if I didn't shut up, I'd have 180 days. He even gave me an offer to choose my punishment -- 2 months probation -or- 10 days in jail. I took the former and hauled arse outta there.

    Of course, I appealed it. I learned how to file paperwork, Motions, Notices, & the like. Pretty simple, but it was a start. Learned where the Law Library was and what the various volumes are for. GREAT PLACE!! :D

    I found MUCH stuff that helped me out at my de novo trial. Specifically, the lower-court judge wrote NOTHING on the record. Likewise for the bailiff... "the judge told me to do it" was essentially his reasoning in the arrest report. According to THE LAW, the record is all that matters and all courts are limited to what is ON THE RECORD.

    I was kinda freaking out, because by accepting probation, I inherently pled guilty (unknowingly, however)... and I've read that once a record is appealed from a court not-of-record, that "not-a-record" becomes a record. Similarly, they'd be able to present a false side, attempting to get me to testify and watch myself blow up.

    Anyway... I'd filed a number of Motions/Notices. Only my first Notice and Demand for a Jury Trial was accepted. The judge called for a Motions Hearing. He railroaded over my rights while I was there and I was speechless. I sent at least 4 or 5 more Motions/Notices the very next day after I was railroaded and took that trip to the Law Library.

    So finally, gets down to the day of the trial. I walk up there. Judge asks if I'm ready.

    - I say, "Actually, sir. I'm here to challenge the jurisdiction of the court."
    - He kinda chuckles and says, "This is THE TRIAL." (because personal jurisdiction must be challenged before arraignment!!)
    - I then say, "I was under the impression that subject-matter jurisdiction could be challenged at ANY time."
    - Judge make a bug-eyed, foot-in-mouth type of look and says, "Ohh, I don't know. What do you want to do?", then looks at the prosecutor.
    - Prosecutor says, "He knows what he did!"
    - Judge says, "I didn't ask that."
    - Prosecutor then says, "Well, he knows what he did. But we're gonna let it go."

    I never actually prepared for my No Tag Light issue, because the evidence was self-explanatory, but I forgot how self-explanatory it was and went to testify and kinda screwed myself up. I think the judge might've tampered with the evidence, so I'll need to check the record when I get back home. I likely would appeal that, as well, but I had to leave town for a few weeks. :(

    Oh well... I've learned enough that I won't ever have problems with The Man ever again!!

    And NOT ONLY THAT, but I ALSO found a "key" in my state's Annotated Code. Was glancing thru the "required equipment" Chapter under Title 63 "Motor Vehicle Code", saw something about brakes. It said that motorized bicycles require at least one brake. Then there was a footnote about an Attorney General's Opinion that since that's the ONLY statute where motorized bicycles are mentioned, then clearly they are separate from a "motor vehicle".

    Needless to say, I made a couple copies of that and decided to sell my convertible. :)

    Live FREE or DIE!
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    I found MUCH stuff that helped me out at my de novo trial. Specifically, the lower-court judge wrote NOTHING on the record. Likewise for the bailiff... "the judge told me to do it" was essentially his reasoning in the arrest report. According to THE LAW, the record is all that matters and all courts are limited to what is ON THE RECORD.

    You lost me here? "The Judge told me to do it" WHAT? Arrest report? I thought you were only given a Citation? You totally lost me Sparky, please explain.
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    I was given 2 citations -- No DL on Person, No Tag Light. Went to municipal court. No DL was thrown out when I showed it to them (this was a mistake, because it gave evidence of a statutory person!). Judge started asking me some LOADED question about whether this or that punishment was or wasn't in the statute I was referring to. I said that question is irrelevant, because he was totally ignoring me.

    Just have to look up the lighting requirements. MS Code 63-7-11 && 63-7-13 (or maybe 63-9?)...

    I was cited with the later, but the former is the one that says I only need those lights form sunset to sunrise. IT WASN'T SUNSET.

    Judge asked loaded question. I told him his question was irrelevant three different time and provided three different reasons!!

    He started to speak, then paused and smiled. I started to give another reason. He said.. "...BUT... Contempt of Court! 2 days in jail." I said... "I do not consent. I object. I decline to contract." He said. "10 days in jail. And if you don't stop, I'll give you 180 days!!"

    He locked me up for 10 min, then they uncuffed me and brought me back before the court. It was an entirely separate trial from the first, but I was unaware. I didn't know what was going on. I just took the offer of 2-months probation instead of counter-offering or taking neither or anything "funny" like that. I was really curious how an appeal works anyway.

    So, I had to appeal to the county court. That's where I started filing Notices, then Motions after the Motions Hearing, which were all ignored.

    You can read more about my "adventure" in these 2 threads...

    Then my "first success w/ riding a motorized bicycle" is here...

    That first thread is a doozy once you hit all my "notes". ;)
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    Oh yea... at the municipal court... he "offered" to throw me in jail for contempt of court if I interrupted him. I literally said, "I accept".

    That's a contract. He kept up with his end of the bargain!!

    Simply state: "I do not wish to upset the court, but I cannot accept your offer... for I could accidentally interrupt you."

    I interrupted him AFTER I rested my case and the prosecutor failed to answer his question a couple times. The judge's only hope was to go after me and hope I blew it. I did. I could have asked him more questions, but I wanted to see if I had the "right" to say his question was irrelevant when it really was.

    LOOOONNNNNGGG STORY, basically. But worthwhile, nonetheless.
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    I got the same crash coarse in Law when GM fired me illegally, (I won Pro-se, w/o an Attorney at the Supreme Court level). Some of the stuff, you weren't making sense too earlier in the thread. I sort of understand what went on now. I appreciate the explanation.

    Courts are structured different in various States, what works where you are at, may not, where I am, but I do concede that the structure sounds similar.

    I appreciate the information; try to put it a little more in lay-mans terms so it benefits others tho! Not everybody stirs the pot, and you seem to be advocate, such as I, that we need more!!!
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    I was attempting to create a "Crash Course for Freemen" before our old site ( was DDoS'ed by "some unknown entity"...

    That was one of the first things I copied over to the new site...

    I haven't added anything to it, personally, but I'll get to it sooner or later. I'm honestly surprised that there's over 100 people on the new forum. Pretty nutz if you ask me. "The Man" can't hold ol' sparky down. No sir!! Just making me stronger... :D

    You can see how I "advertised" for the new forum by simply searching for "suijurisclub" or "". The site was paid for well into the future, but there were a ton of machines hitting up the server that it would only work occasionally. Started a forum and kept refreshing the old forum until it worked. A couple people actually got the memo and they got to work contacting old people. I did the "advertising".

    It worked well enough. Just about all the old "clique" is back together. Learned so much in the process. Good times!!

    Whenever I actually understand what I'm talking about, in terms of Law, I'll update that Crash Course to version 1.0 status. Just so many things on the plate right now...