freewheel drive hub both sides

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by noendo, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. noendo

    noendo Guest

    ok i have just been looking into the idea of using a rear single speed disc hub to mount my left hand sprocket which seems fairly straight forward.
    it would make sense if the engine powered left hand sprocket could freewheel to avoid unnecessary ware and tear. this would be possible if you used a bmx flip flop hub that has thread on both sides. infact one side uses a smaller diameter that would allow you to run a 13 or 14 tooth right hand freewheel. the left side you could get hold of an 18 tooth and bolt/weld your choice of sprocket to.
    i know for sure that you can get an 18t left hand freewheel made buy ACS.
    not sure if this has been done before but it should work.

  2. noendo

    noendo Guest

    just found alot of info on this from the search, no need to continue this topic.
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  3. New Member

    Where did you find the information I would like a wheel with free wheels on both sides.
  4. mabman

    mabman Member

    You will have to manufacture one for yourself because freewheels only freewheel in one direction and while you may have threading on the left side to mount to the freewheel will only freewheel in the direction you would need it to drive.
  5. Alaskavan

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  6. Alaskavan, tell us about that hub. It looks kinda cheap. Has it held up? Does the brake work well?
  7. jg767

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    go to the staton site , He sells hubs with the appropriate left and right hand threads to accept both left hand and right hand freewheel sprockets, which he also stocks.
  8. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

  9. I was hoping for a personal review.
    A. It's cheap Chinese junk that detonated in no time.
    B. It's worth every penny. I beat the **** out of it and it's still going strong
  10. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    It hasn't detonated, and I've put thousands of miles on it averaging about 35 mph. I'm glad I bought 2. I will find a use for the other one. Better?:D
  11. it's a really heavy duty purpose built hub w/ cartridge bearings,a left side freewheel if you want it, and a band brake. I love mine! i don't think it looks cheap at all.

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  12. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    I see you use the band brake. How well does it work? Wear characteristics?
  13. I've not checked the wear. It is bedding in nicely; teamed up w/ the front sturmey they are super controllable. Smooth linear braking, they both probably only have 100 mi and are still bedding in. I have them hooked to 1 lever. They don't grab like a cantilever or U brake does but they stop you fast. They are almost antilock; I've been riding in the snow the past couple days and haven't slid yet.