Freewheel help ???

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    Grubee hd hub freewheel help ???

    Hey all I bought a grubee HD hub from "Birdog dist" or "bicycle" and cant get the freewheel to thread on...I bought a BMX freewheel from a local bike shop and it only threads on the first two or three treads and stops dead...The brand is a "dicta brand" 17 tooth but like a dummy I didnt ask for the box it came out of so I dont have that info...The threads on the hub are clean and chrome free after a little work with a light wieght wire brush (there was crappy Chinese chrome on the threads) and the freewheel threads are also clean. No defects on any threads anywhere...The Grubee website says to use a 35 X 1 freewheel but I have not been able to locate one at all. I'm pretty sure the freewheel I bought is a "standard" thread and that may well be my problem seeing the hub was made in China...What I'm looking to find out is if anyone out there bought one of these hubs and can tell me exactly what freewheel to buy and where to buy it so I dont spend a hundred bucks getting the right one...Just incase any one is wondering I am trying to put the freewheel on the correct side of the hub, the side with only one set of threads.

    Thanks a million
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    Sorry, I can't help ya but I'm pretty sure someone here can who has experience with that so I'm just bumping the thread and best of luck.