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    Haven't posted since my introduction a couple of weeks sorry about that, not a lots been happening.

    I got my Happy Time and fitted it, it ran fine for about 15km then the chain idler went through my wheel. I was going very slow uphill so I just pushed the clutch (I've stuck it on the other way and used their intended brake lever rather than the gear changer style thing) and stopped. I was fine, I understand it's something that happens to everyone at some point and I'm just glad it happened in a situation where I didn't kill myself:sweatdrop:

    Anyhow, the cheap crappy tensioner was tougher than my cheap crappy wheel and bent it. I managed to roll home (oh yeah, go me for thinking ahead and riding an entirely uphill route.) on the wobbly wheel but it's knackered.

    So, I bought a wheel from the guys I got the engine from that has a freewheel 50t sprocket (hills+lack of desire for speed).
    I got it in the post today and flicked the sprocket round with glee and noticed it were also wobbly. I pulled it the other way and it tightened and all was fine but then it came off.
    The thread only just holds it, like it only goes on about two turns.

    Can anyone offer advice on how to fix it?
    My thoughts are cover the hub thread in epoxy and screw the thing on as far as possible.
    OR, weld to the hub but I'm worried about the effect of heat on the bearings.
    Are these viable ideas or shall I just try for a replacement? Or has anyone got a better idea ?

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    There are 2 different threads for those freewheels. One matches all the "normal" bmx style freewheels. One seems specialized to a weird metric thread. Look for the posts about the gebe rear hubs.
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    "Grubee" rear hubs, not GEBE.
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    Oops my bad your right HougeMade.