Freewheel rear Spocket

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Chingis, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Im looking for a web site that sells these i was surfing around and found a site that had Upgrades and that was one of them, i would like to review the site again any help would be great!

    its a rear spocket and it has a freewheel attached to it, also im putting it on a Occ stingray if you have any suggestions im way open to hear them

    O yeah First Post so



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  3. Chingis

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    Cool thanks , now off to read the post hopefully it ihas a link to the site that is selling them, i saw one site so far out of hundreds ive gone too, ok maybe tens of websites lol

    thanks Again
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    Howdy again , just was doing some reading and thats not what im looking for , someone out there on a website is selling a sprocket with a freewheel sprocket ( i think its a 36 tooth) that looks to be off a BMX bike attached to it, there where 2 types both attached using bolts to lock them in place.
    also they include this with there motor kit they are selling ofcorse ive searched for about a week now and havent seen the site again.

    any ideas?
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    New HyBri-Ped Sprocket design attaches to bike Spokes much like the present design found in the standard engine kit but this has a freewheel and 2 sprocket pins that can be pulled to allow bike riding as normal without any drag on the engine. HyBri-Ped has been extensively tested in Australia and found to work flawlessly. Now Ready for production: Price TBA. Can be ordered in the engine kits as option and old design clamp to spokes std. kit deleted. HD Axles can also be ordered as separate item in service parts order. Rear Axel kit.htm

    bottom of page i think thats what i saw before , im getting close now:)
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    Cool. Depending on the price, that might be a nice item for frame mounts.