Freewheel your ride for less vibration and wear and tear!



:cool:after 2 long months, i finally fixed my flat and rode my motorized DAHON for 12 miles. i came home to fill gas, drink fluids and check my computer. soon, i'll be biking 52 km to put mileage on my new MITSUBISHI engine.

motoring with a STATON gear chain drive is mainly stab the throttle, freewhel and coast when speeding, then throttling to quickly pick up speed, then coast again. i realized how LESS taxing this procedure is on the entire bicycle, engine...

and ME!

i can only imagine how much more taxing a motorized bicycle with no freewheel or centrifugal clutch can be to bicycle, engine and rider!:eek:

with that said, would any riders with happy time engines consider converting to pull-start and freewheel rear sprocket?

by that, i mean, to convert to freewheel for less vibration, and less wear and tear on engine and driver?

the more i ride my STATON gear chain drive, the more i want freewheeling on my twin-engined project. i will pull-start from the jackshaft. now i need to find a 36t freewheel sprocket, left-side.

i'll call Dave Staton tomorrow. i need to order a higher gear sprocket for the gear chain on my DAHON. then i'll ask him about 36t/left-side sprocket.

does anyone have a lead on a sprocket like this?

Freewheel for Large Sprokets

I'm not sure that the threads are compatable but Grubee builds a left hand thread large flanged freewheel that takes the various drive sprokets for the 4-stroke kits. I know for sure there are 44t and 48t but I'm sure you could mount just about any size you would need. But the Threading on the grubee hub may be larger than normal. Do a search for the review on the GRUBEE HD rear hub there are some really good photos there showing th freewheel I'm talking about.

i just spoke to Dave Staton. he said it IS possible to bolt my 36-tooth sprocket onto his 16-tooth freewheel sprocket-left-side(after drilling/tapping the 16t sprocket). then everything will screw onto his HD hub. i already have the STATON rear hub and his 16t sprocket.

that will make my 36t sprocket freewheeling!

ocscully, i just visited Grubee's site. that's also an option i'll investigate.

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I dunno,man. I kinda like that coolness in starting my engine seemingly effortless by just releasing the clutch.
Do I want to trade that for larger biceps and smoother flowtation?
Naw. I like things the way it's set up now.
:cool: Large, i'm glad you like your bike. freewheeling will definitely settle my frazzled nerves.

ocscully, the price is right on that website. it should be even cheaper if they'll just sell me everything minus the 44t sprocket. okay, i'll buy the sprocket if i have to.

lemme go check the hub's review.

to me, the coolest would be electric starter, but then ya gotta carry a battery and invent/fabricate the connection to the engine. the closest i can think of is to carry a light, but powerful cordless screwdriver/ratchet or drill. the jackshaft would have threaded ends and lock nuts on both ends. then use the cordless tool to spin the shaft's nut on the right side.(left side would loosen the nut.)

now THAT would be cool!:D

Relatively small starter,battery that powers those kid car things,and a little alternator generating that battery like they do in the Automotive world,along with lights,a booming system...and a cigarette lighter.
The bicyclists on the trails would hate my pipe smoking a.. for shure!
:cool:Okay, i'm buying the axle, freewheel and hub brake from a "sub" of i get a 10% discount off the parts, PLUS he'll machine and drill a 36-tooth sprocket to fit the GRUBEE hub for a fee.

Yahoo! a 36t freewheel sprocket for my cruiser project!

Large, i'm trying to keep the bike's weight down. just like rat rodders, BIG engine, light vehicle. although i WOULD like to run a front hub and battery, that'd probably kick the bike up to 100 pounds or more.