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    I have a skyhwak frame with Skyhawk motor. I don't like it that the drive chain for the motor does not freewheel when I pedal, which I like to do a lot. I would like to get rid of the drag. I've seen the one kit where you have to take pins in and out too much work. I'm thinking of using a freewheel shifter kit which would alow me to use my derailer gears .the question I have is does the chain drive part of the shifter kit also freewheel or will I have the same problem with the drag from the motor chains?

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    The shift kit is designed so that the pedals can freewheel or if you wish, you can input human pedal power. This video describes the inner workings of the White Industries Heavy Duty Freewheel system:

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    These 2-stroke engines require a bump start so you can't freewheel the drive or you couldn't start it.
    Pull start 4-strokes on the hand you can freewheel the pedals from the drive.

    The only thing you can really do is make sure your clutch spins free best it can and your chains clean, snug and lubed.