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    I've seen a few oldies, and seen Cyclones. It appears that they will not be selling them individually. Sickbikes?? also shows them but does not list them as available. I've made a couple but it's a pain. I'm looking for a source. Please let me know if you've got one. I'm contacting China bike parts manufacturers now for a quote, but I really don't want to be in the import business.( I'm not at home much). It consists of a right crank arm with whatever hole style you want, which has been extended slightly and threaded for a flanged freewheel. chainrings are mounted to freewheel and pedals remain still while power can be applied to the chainrings. Thanks for any help on sources...( My bid estimates have been VERY reasonable, but quantities too high for me to bother with).

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    How many are you looking to buy?
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    We now sell freewheels and crank arms individually.
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    Too Cool!!!