French moped in King Louis'ville

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    What could be more appropriate? I am a motorbike restoration hobbyist in Louisville, Ky (home of beautiful horses and fast women) I was directed to a 1964 Motobecane Mobylette moped which I have learned from a Mobylette specific forum (which isn't very active) that it is a very rare model. So, I'm excited and want to do everything possible to restore it in the proper manner. Any and all help is greatly appreciated because my expertise is really in Hondas and not French mopeds. Any other Mobylettes out there circa "the '60s"?

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    Always glad to meet a new Yankee, like to see that restore and you might even try a build of your own.
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    Welcome to MBc Bob. I recently restored a Peugeot moped. I found shop manuals, etc at the Moped Army site. Very helpful.