Friction drive alighnment problems

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by mog, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. mog

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    20160324_212519.jpg Hi
    I have just completed my friction drive setup with roadbug conversion and honda gx35 motor. Everything looks fine but l cannot get get the roller into a central position on the tyre. Anyone have any ideas . As l am not too mechanically minded . As per picture. 20160324_212540.jpg
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  2. troyg

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    Side to side is not that important.What you don't want is anything rubbing (housing/bolts rubbing tire), leaning/twisting of the setup, yours looks fine, it will even be better balanced the way you have it.Have fun!
  3. mog

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    No worries Troyg thanks for your imput . Regards. Mog.
  4. floridaboy

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    I hope you got your FD centered now. If not you need to keep the front bracket loose until you have the channel centered over the wheel then you can tighten the bracket up. It looks like the bracket is not level causing the channel to be off center. I hope this helps and i tried to explain what i thought was the problem.