Friction Drive Build 49/52cc Questions

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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Paul and I have been lurking around this site for some time now taking in the information and figuring out whether or not I want to take the plunge. I posted some questions in the Introduction section of the site, but figured I might make more headway in the General discussion area. I think I am already addicted to building one of these bikes and I haven't even ordered a kit yet! I love tinkering so this seems right up my alley. After extensive research I have decided on a friction drive kit for my first build. I would love to get your opinions on my selection so far and let me know if I have missed something important. I am a rather large guy @ 6'7" and 240 lbs and the bike I am going to be using is my Gary Fisher Wahoo Mountain bike (I'll be purchasing a smoother rear tire) has an XL frame

    1) BMP friction kit with 1.25 roller - I was looking at Staton, but the BMP kit is a little cheaper even with ordering the cables, throttle, and kill switch and seems to be of good quality. Anyone who owns this kit with the same roller, please chime in and let me know what you think of this choice

    2) Motor - I keep going back and forth on this (still considering HF auger motor) but I saw the monsterscooterparts 49/52 cc engine with clutch for $119. This seems like a steal but IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO on this motor let me know. I have read a few good reviews on this motor, but any additional info would be appreciated. I wouldn't mind getting the harbor freight water pump motor, but I don't want to wait 4-6 weeks for the clutch assembly.

    3) What kind of speed can I expect out of this setup and do you guys think this is a good start? I have a few hills around here, but for the most part it is flat.

    It looks like I will be spending in the neighborhood of $300 when it is all said and done. Also, will I need anything else that I haven't mentioned in order to have a complete kit? Thanks in advance guys, I am really enjoying the site!!!!!!!!! - Paul

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    I just went over there and it appears the clutch part that the motor comes with is missing the drum and a housing to have a complete clutch. Check it out.

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    Tall Paul, I Have Made A Few Purchases From Bmp, Good Guy. Fast Shipping. I Think The Hf Water Pump Is A Good Deal. It Must Have The Clutch To Work With The Pull Start In The Water Pump. It Will Bolt Rite Up To The Friction Kit. You Will Have A Gas Tank, Muffler And 52 Cc. And A Warranty. Sales Tax = Less Than Shipping. Bmp Kit Cames With The Clutch Drum. The Motor Will Have The Clutch Shoes On It. They Look Like Small Brake Shoes. I Go Over 300 And It Pulled Me With Ease = 1.25 Roller And 49cc Pocket Bike Motor. Did Not Have To Pedal Assist At Start Off. You Maybe Able To Use His New 1 1/2 Inch Roller, Much Better Fuel Milage. Later If You Like, A Titan 4 Stroke Will Bolt Rite Up With The Same Bolts. There Is Several Motors That Will Bolt Up To The 78mm Clutch. Hope This Helps. Ron
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    From first hand experience, I have both engines from Harbor Freight's water pump and auger. They are about 99.9% identical. The pump does not come with a clutch at all. It's direct drive to the pump portion. You can get the clutch from HF for $2.47 ea. You will also need to buy the bolts and washers that go with it as well. Shipping takes aboput 6-8 weeks delivery time. That's the bad part. Shipping iis also cheap. I purchased 3 clutches with all the required mounting hardware along with 4 pull starters and, the total tab inluding shipping was less than $30.00. In response to a previous post about not having a clutch drum, I've never seen an engine that came with one. They usually come with the clutch but not the drum. The clutch size is pretty universal. Manufacturers don't know what one might use the engine on. For instance the drum part on one of these friction drives will not be the same as one, say from a mini bike or go-cart, although the clutches themselves would be the same. Also, the water pump engine is not a direct bolt on. The mounting bolts that come with BMP's kit are a little to long and will bottom out on the flywheel of the engine. The auger engine is a direct dolt on with clutch already assembled, but I wouldn't do it again for the difference in the price. I just happened to already have the auger before I got into this bike stuff. I don't remember what the length of the bolts are that comes with the BMP kit. I'm thinking what ever they are, you need to replace them with bolts that are 5mm shorter. You may also need to replace the spacers that go over those bolts as well. I don't remember all the specific details, but it's no big deal at all. I bought all the required hardware, Grade 8 at my local Lowe's store. You can replace needed hardware for about 4 or 5 dollars, if that much. If you keep an eye out on Harbor Freight and catch the pump on sale for about $100.00 and get their 15% or 20% off coupons, you can get that engine for less than $100.00 out the door. Good deal in my opinion. I'm pleased with my build. both engine and BMP kit. I replaced my HF engine with a Honda GX35 for a short while. I swapped back to the HF. I'll sacrafice a little noise and fuel/oil mix for the difference in the power. You can also get clutches and other stuff from eBay. Higher price, but you can have it in less than a week.
    tallpaul, check your private message box.
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    Thanks guys! Here is the motor that I was referring to If this is a decent motor, I would think that this would be the best balance of price and convenience because it comes with the clutches, no waiting and I believe that I read somewhere that it is a direct bolt on. This whole package would be around $300 out the door which seems pretty good. Porkchop, thanks for the PM....I am also going to check ebay for those clutches - that might be another option too!! Thanks again guys.
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    Pump motor from HF comes with the fuel tank, no clutch.
    Motor from monsterscooter parts has a clutch but no fuel tank.
    I got lots of tips and good advice from Charlie (Porkchop) who has experience with both HF Auger and Pump sets.

    I am buying HF pump engine, $119 minus 15% discount coupon I have. Looking for clutch shoe now.

    Thanks Charlie !

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    Some Clutches Have 2 Clutch Shoes, Some Have 3 Shoes. With The Two Bolts That I Think Hold It On, Then It Should Be A Two Shoe Setup. !!! ?? Ron
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    Standard (76mm or 78mmk) two shoe clutch is correct. Because the pump comes with no clutch, you need to look at the parts list for the auger. That will work. You'll have to make sure yuou ardeo washers, which also act as spacvers along with the two mounting bolts. I know this set up will work. I've done it already.
    Andy, you're very than welcome for what little help I gave. If you have any problems, questions or anything, you know how to get in touch. Don't hesitate !

    ..... Porkchop .....
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    Did you get my email (to your email box) with links to Mitsu engines specs? Seems to me that HF engine is a Mitsu TB 50 clone. Meiki-Motoren.pdf

    What do you think?

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    Yes, I received it. I replied to it. Also, a little note. HF web site rates the engines we've been talking about at 1.5 horse power. Other sites rate it 2 and 2.2. Who are we supposed to believe ? The Honda GX35, which I have, and have used on my bike is rated at 1.6 hp. I thinkl the HF engines are under rated on HF's site. They're a lot stronger than the Honda ! You can fell/tell the difference in .5-1 horse power on these small engine for sure !
    And for those that are strictly into Japanese engines, I'm not knocking the Honda by any means as far as quality. I'm sure they will out last the Chinese HF engines. I like my HF engine over the Honda for the power. That and the fact that I can buy 2 of them for what one Honda cost. Takes about 10 minutes to swap engines on the BMP kit if and when mine goes bad.
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    To tallpaul

    Paul, this morning when I told you I was also helping out some else with the same issues you were having, andy that has posted here on your thread was the man I was refering to. Don't want to you to think were of key and/or taking over you thread here. If so, I appologize. I think were still on topic though. Again, I've told you guys to get in touch for anything.
    Thanks !

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