friction drive + bungee cord


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Jul 14, 2008
Hi, all
I have a home made friction drive. Before I added a bungee cord to help hold the rack down (and the spindle against the tire), my top speed was about 25 mph and going up hills was weak and slow.
After I added a bungee cord, my top speed is 30 mph and it goes up hill much better.
The bungee cord also puts stress on the frame and engine in my home made contraption but, so far, with over 150 miles, mine is still holding together and running.
I thought I should mention this in case anyone is wondering.

Steve G.
Grants Pass, Oregon


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Hi, Zev0
Thanks for the input. I agree. I did not have the U member or bearings and bearing blocks on hand to build that but I'd love to go after that concept.
I'd especially like to put a bearing on the end that is farthest from the engine, at least, to reduce the side load on the crank.

Have fun!
Steve G.
Grants Pass, Oregon
Must say Steve -- hats are off to you -- interesting looking setup... makes me want to fab something up -- that handel coming up - wow --- you put it all together -- AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING -- congrats from - Mountainman

Hi, MountainMan,
Thanks for the nice comments!
If you want/need more details of my project, please feel free to go to my personal blog where I've got details, pictures and even a video:

The project was a blast and I'm now working on a recumbent.
I'll post more when it's done.


Thanks again!
Steve G.
Grants Pass, Oregon
Great project...but I just imagine riding that thing with the handle like that...and being arrested for appearing in public in a "discernibly turgid state" the law says.
LOL! I'm pretty proud of my DTS bike. It's a full 26"...

Steve G.
Grants Pass, Oregon