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    Im still thinking things through about engine and drive.
    I want a "plug and play" build, "commuter/ daily driver quality"
    (my new donor bike is a huffy cranbrook)

    For my second bicycle build, I want to move to a chain drive, or GEBE drive or belt drive rear mount or mid frame mount application.


    FD Rear Mount - a. Staton
    b. BMP
    c. Gurbee
    d. GEBE

    Engine: a. Subaru 35cc 4 stroke
    b. Tanaka 40cc 2 stroke
    c. Tecumseh 49cc 2 stroke
    d. gurbee 49cc 4 stroke (with gerbee rear mount drive)?

    A fellow forum member made mention of a staton/subaru deal at 400.00 free ship.

    so, what do you think and why?

    I value you opinions and thank you in advance for your responses. :)
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    Hi And Wecome. I Have Over 40 Motors Alone, Got Carried Away For Sure.

    I Have A New Unused (nos) Tecumseh Friction Drive. It Is Heavy Duty Set Up. Has Gas Tank By Motor. Also Have A Nice Used Motor Less Muffler. They Are Tc II 300 49cc Engines

    I Would Probably Sell The Kit And The Extra Motor For $300. Plus Cost Of S/H.

    The kit on bike is just a likeness. Mine has no decal. They have great compression. I could take more pic`s. IMO these are quaility motors.


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    sounds tempting.
    a. they both run?
    b. when was the last time you used them?
    c. how old are they, and the mount kit?
    d. is it an island hopper fd mount kit?
    e. is all mount hardware included?
    f. is it a universal mount?
    e. is engine parts available?
    f. where can I find parts?
    g. why are you selling?
    i hope by asking these questions, im not a pain in the but.
    thank you.
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    ohh ok, sorry to bother u treewk