friction drive "kid trailer"

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    I have found you can get used kid trailers on the internet classifieds for $20-200 easily, and have been thinking about putting a staton-drive type motor kit on one I use for cargo carrying.

    Has anybody built one already? I expect it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to mount a fric-drive on one, but how will it handle, I wonder?

    I expect if the motor turns the left wheel it will probably not tend to affect the steering too much, esp sustaining a speed around 10-20mph.

    The coupling joint uses a heavy coil spring with a wire inside of it, I suppose in case it broke. The clamp mounts to the left chainstay and seatstay together instead of just clamping on the chainstay.

    The one I have looks kind of like this (including the frame that has rails on both sides of the wheels):

    The way I use it is sort of like this: