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    I have a new Honda gx35 engine and a schwinn 26" bike but when I tried to order the roller kit from BMP they said I couldn't order it because the company was in the process of changing ownership. I would like to know if these friction kits that will adapt to the gx35 is available? If so can anyone tell me how I can order these? My email address is or phone number is 419-352-7866 and ask for cal.

    Thanks in advance

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    They are gone. I have a BMP Kit - no issues all good.

    Statons been around since 1984 here in the USA
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    It's interesting that you were even able to access the BMP website since it has been disabled for a least a month or more or did you call them? is another company that sells a friction drive kit.

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    I've got a Staton kit on my bike. Just go online and look them up.