Friction Drive Lesson Learned



I was having issues with my wooden scrubber drive. Slipping, vibration. I jacked with the drive wheel, changed sizes, took them off and put them back on. Still having the same problem. Checked the air pressure in my rear (driving) tires. The set up was originaly 100 PSI. I find it at 65 psi. Air it up to 100 and the problems went away.
been there done that

proper air is very important,i sold a 50cc honda scrub to a guy and he kept calling me ,,,the motors lost power blah blah,after goin through everything i checked the pressure and it was down 25 lbs it was boggin and runnin bad 25lbs later perfect.lesson learned years ago,rolling resistance is very complex yet easy.:eek:
As I read the Happy Times threads, I am often amazed that they put up with the amount of maintenance the engines seem to require. However, this thread reminds me of how often I find myself tweaking pressure adhustments on my friction drive. It seems to be almost an art form finding, and maintaining, just the right pressure in the tire, and of the roller against the tire.
:cool:Big, for me, it was overpressure!

my DAHON rode very rough; i felt every jarring road defect. i installed a 12" seat. it helped a little, but still rough-riding.

i had 100psi in my new PRIMO tires. the tech advised me to drop tp to 65psi. i did so, and it rides smooth and responsive, like a different bike.

i still have the power, but not the harsh ride.

I was going to ask--how much lbs do you weigh, and how wide are your tires? 100 PSI is a lot, even if your tires are rated for it.

I weigh ~280 lbs, and the only tire I inflate to 100 lbs is when I'm running 1" wide tires on my recumbent (with 1" wide rims).... When I have the "usual" 1.5's on the rear is at around 85, and the 2.3"s I inflate to around 45......

[-the front tire is only inflated to about half the PSI of the rear, because the front supports about 33% of the total weight-]
I am 270. My bike mechanic told me the higher pressure was fine for my weight. She keeps my thinggies adjusted well, so I follow her advice. I am still figuring this friction drive thing out. My tire is what came on it from the Pawn Shop and it did not spit green when I filled up the tire the first time. I am sorta a run what is on it as long as it looks good on my Specialized Cross Country.
HEYYYYYYY You know those thinggies that change the gears!
Jeepers, mind in the gutter bunch.
:cool:I weigh 190 lbs, the 20" DAHON weighs 45 lbs.

the tires are 20X1.50. it rides well with 65lbs psi.