Friction drive noob

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  1. dirtbikemike2435

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    Well i am young and looking for a MB to get from my house to afriends house and i have decided friction drive is the lightest on my wallet so i went with that. i have just a bmx bike, my problem is what to use for making a spindal i had no plans to buy one but lookg to make one.

  2. q999

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    friction drive --home made

    roller skate wheel maybe?
    ?.what are you using for a motor? and where are you from?
  3. dirtbikemike2435

    dirtbikemike2435 New Member

    a weed eater, i am from illinois
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    A roller blade wheel MIGHT be to large a diameter for your engine. Friction driver guys use a 1.5" roller on 2 hp engines for top speed. You MIGHT not have the power to use a skate wheel.

    I've read that many weedwhacker users mount a bicycle peg on their engines.

    Or, you could try a 1" diameter pipe as a friction roller.:idea: