friction drive petrol engine wanted

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    greetings from new zealand. i'm a new member. i own a pedersen bike and want to motorise it using a friction drive motor mounted below the pedal box. something like mosquito, mozzi, etc. any ideas, suggestions, offers?

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    REVO power

    any news about that REVO-power engine (2 cyl-2 smoke) built inside a front wheel? i still want one...
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    greetings from a new member from new zealand

    hello everybody,
    i just joined this forum. i live in new zealand but at present i'm in the cook islands because here its warm and in NZ its not. nearly 30 years ago i decided to leave germoney and looking for a more relaxed place i ended up at the other end of the world, the most beautiful as some say. by now retired i spend my days fiddling with old cars (jaguars) and bikes (velocettes) and lately discovered the joy of small engines powering pushbikes. so i bought a pedersen bike and now looking for a friction drive gas-engine to be mounted below the pedal box. if someone got one good one for sale, please contact me!
    safe + happy motoring,