Friction drive push scooter


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Jun 5, 2008
I already have a mountain bike but I don’t really want to motorize it because I put it up on the roof racks for camping, etc. I’ve looked at getting a second bike but currently I’m considering putting a friction drive kit on a push scooter.

This is the particular model I’m interested in with front suspension on a 26” wheel and a 20” wheel in the back.

I know that friction drive is not ideal, but it’s a simple solution that should work fine within the limited space of the rear frame.

Has anyone tried anything like this and do they have any thoughts? I’m thinking specifically about off-the-line torque. There are no pedals so how many push off kicks would be required to get to a decent speed for the motor to take over? I believe with friction kits, it’s the size of the roller that determines low end torque or top speed.

The kit I’m looking at is the Staton EHO35 friction kit.
One of the popular vendors here sells front mount kits for trikes maybe thats your solution.
I'd rather have it mounted in the back, out of ear shot.. and nose shot. The push scooter has front suspension so I doubt that I could fit a belt or chain drive system within the dropouts.
The way that frame is youd need 1 complicated engine mount to be sturdy enough, how about an electric hub on the rear?............checkout this site and look at the way the motor is mounted on the bike, maybe it can be adapted to your scooter. Its the simple simon model bicycle engine.html
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