Friction drive section ?

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  1. moondog

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    How about a section for friction drive ? Friction drive can be mounted on the back or in the frame.

    Thanks, Steve

  2. Tom

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    There does seem to be a lot of friction-drive bikes here. Aren't most posting in the rack-mount section already? How does everyone else feel about the addition of this new forum?
  3. seanhan

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    Is there

    A Friction drive that is not rack mounted ???
    I haven't seen one.
  4. srdavo

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    Tom Bartlett's "Zip Cycle" is frame mounted, with a belt drive, to a friction wheel on the rear tire!~!
  5. fetor56

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  6. Mountainman

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    at first I thought no but

    at first I thought no but

    why not get most frictions in one easy to find place ??

    makes sense

  7. Tom

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    Ok, I'll create the friction drive forum. However, if anyone has any reason that this forum should not be created, please speak now or forever hold your peace...
  8. Happy Valley

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    One thing I've noticed in general on forums as they evolve is the call at times for more and more specialized pages.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't always seem a sound decision but rather a dilutive one, only making the mixture weaker and some dead zones.

    Perhaps as a case in point it might do well to ponder the Recumbent page with the last post (as of this writing) 9/30 or the Powered Trikes page with the last post on 9/10.

    Peeling off FD's from Rack-Mounted leaves......?
  9. moondog

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    Rack mounted belt and chain drives. I don't see them going away anytime soon.

    Some friction drives are mounted on the front forks.
  10. Tom

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  11. moondog

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    Thanks Tom, that is friction drive headquarters ! ! !