friction drive v belt drive

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  1. flyinkiwi

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    howdy all, i have a one friction drive beach cruiser with a stihl brush cutter sittin on top of rear wheel. No clutch just pedal give it about 1/4 throtle and off it goes, good for 50 km/h only has pedal brakes so try to take it easy.
    im in the process of building a board track racer look bike. going to use belt drive and same style sthil motor as first one goes so well, any body got any easy ideas for set ups for the belt drive.


  2. professor

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    Hi Kiwi, you are going to need a jackshaft to reduce the rpm going to the back wheel. The roller drive does that by itself with the little roller verses the big tire.
  3. flyinkiwi

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    have seen an old article were they used an extra rim welded to original as the rear gear.this would give almost same ratio as friction drive i was thinking. also would be cheap :)
  4. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc, Kiwi. You'll need to deal with the issue of the width of 2 rims fitting in the frame, but other than that, it should work. Take lots of pics during the build. We like to watch.
  5. lowracer

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    I got a bike using a rim pulley & V-Belt drive...Check out my posts.