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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by daddyfredregill, Oct 14, 2013.

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    I am getting close to completing my friction drive build. I tried to test it and the results were a little disappointing. I do not have the support arms on that keeps the motor pressed into the tire, but the roller was not slipping that much and it seemed that the power was lacking. I am using a 24cc echo engine, 26 inch tire with a 1.10 inch roller. This little engine is really sweet because it has a red line of 9800 Rpm. This little motor just really rips. I was hoping it would be good enough to propel me. Just as a test I pressed it into the tire and tightened the bike clap down. I pedaled and was going probably 10mph and the engine just did not want to take off. I know I need a smooth tire but I thought this would be a good early test. I made my own flange bearings by welding a plate to the bearings by doing this I think I made them a little rough. So what are my options? Or do I need to get a smooth tire and new bearings and the support bars before I get to let down? Also do I need to make a new roller? 1.10 inch to big? I weigh 220. Thanks




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    That's a really nice build!Makes me wish I took a little time to build my own.When tightened down can the roller be spun by hand (or however you can get a hold of it) if the tire is on the ground?If not by hand, start 'er up, and see if it will spin on the tire (don't do it long!) while the bike is stationary.My guess is you're asking too much from the engine, it should have little to no real pull at your weight, but should also slowly pull you to, and keep you at about 18mph.
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    is that really only 28cc? that cylinder looks a lot like a pocketbike cylinder , anyway it looks very nice! if the roller is 1.1" in diameter this means at 9800rpm you'd be going 30mph which seems a bit high for a 28cc maybe a smaller roller? i know its hard to tell from the pics but it doesn't look like the roller is pressed well against the tyre i may be wrong though.
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    Since that picture I have changed the tire to a more smooth surfaced one. If the roller is pressed down I there to hard. The engine will not make it move at all. I made a 7/8 of an inch roller today so I will try that. Also the engine is only 24cc not 28. It is really small. Just such a cool little engine. Will post back with the results.