Friction drives and the wally world 29 inch crusier

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by u2smile, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. u2smile

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    I have looked at these several times I think it will work.
    Anyone done one?

    Parts tires quality there?

    Have you noticed that "bikers" will not give you the "nod"
    Motor cycle after all...:devilish:

  2. Richard H.

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    I did one for someone else with the wally front suspension 29. It's the bike the guy had and had his mind made up.
    It turned out alright and I guess he's happy with it.. Frankly I don't see the point nor can imagine the reasoning especially on a cruiser frame. The "29er" was a bicycle industry ploy to ratchet up sales as something "new" since it's just a way to market what already was in place and the same wheel size as 700c.

    With quality mountain bikes I perhaps can see advantages for some technical single track mountain biking on a competitive level. In mountain biking racing circles the jury is divided particularly with the advent of 650 sized wheelsets being the latest "new" thing. For a bike of the quality sold by walmart and to make it a cruiser is just, well I want to be nice here, but it's kinda gimmicky. Motorizing one for street use I see no advantage but among the possible downsides are longer spokes more easily broken. JMO

    BTW, have you looked for availability or priced suitable_for_friction drive 29er tires? Not cheap especially since you'll likely have accelerated wear using friction drive.
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  3. BchCruizer

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    Ya i have seen one with a bumblebeebolton. They fit most bikes with there one bolt design that holds the entire kit on. I think a stanton would work to but there a little bit pricey. and i dont perfer clutches. But i have heard good things about them from a few people. I have a bee no complaints here!
  4. darwin

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    I have a DB hybrid with 700c tires and the Honda 35cc F/D staton kits works flawless on it once you get it dialed in. I even prefer the 700c tires to the 26in because of the response and roll of the 700cs.
  5. BchCruizer

    BchCruizer New Member

    There just so narrow! I like the lowrider tires personally!