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Nov 4, 2006
Pittsburg, Ks.
I recently bought a used Staton-inc friction drive kit. (23cc mitsubishi)

other than a few short rides around the neighborhood, I have not been able to give it a good test. wet streets & cccold weather have kept me garage bound.
does anyone have any input for me? things to watch out for?

friction drive

well wet weather expect to use only quarter throttle,and the more you push down the worse things get.i had a 35cc honda with clutch friction drive and you have to be easy with them the clutch will shut off wide open unless your using pedals.i suggest a maxxis tire with no tread they are sticky.and are about 45.00.the most important thing is trueing the drive wheel and depth of your drive wheel on your off to work and can do better later.ive got 3700 miles on my kit.
23cc mitsubishi/schwinn zoom

23cc friction drive, assembled today.....okay, 10 minutes :LOL: I spent the rest of the day riding it.



the 28.8 0n the speedo is from a downhill off the overpass down the street. I started up the overpass at 22 mph, I was at 18 at the top without pedaling. I get a solid 23 mph. on flat ground.


these tires roll fast!!! 59_100_1442_1.jpg

come on guys... it's only 23cc's, I weigh 240lbs.
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Mitsubishi 43 cc friction drive. About 500 miles on a Nimbus Armadillo tire,and I've got bad tread separation. I hit lots of potholes, etc. I ride too fast (coming down a long hill I get too busy to look at the speedo when it passes 47mph). So I don't know if the tread separation is atributable to the drive system, or the way it's driven. Anybody else?


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thanks Jim, I got the speedster on a trade-in, when I sold the chopper, I'm pedaling in my Avatar pic.

I haven't noticed any damage or unusual wear on my tires, since using my friction drive. I mostly travel on paved roads...& try to dodge the potholes.

How about take-off? I throttle gently & pedal up to 8 or 9 mph before i let my throttle completely take over.
:cool:i had a STATON friction drive w/ROBIN 35cc engine. since i was a newby, the rear tire took abuse from the roller being adjusted too loose one day. using 100psi PRIMO tires on my 20" folding bike.

i also have an abusive style of pushing off 5 steps, then jumping on the throttle. since my seat is as far down as possible, it is not an option to pedal before using the engine. i guess i could have gently rolled onto the throttle.

the few times i rode in the rain, i feathered the throttle and the roller did not slip as hard as i anticipated.
I've never had a friction drive but a lot of people seem to use them. It's all relative I think whether you wear out tires faster or belts or chains. All need ongoing maintenance and repair; that's the price we pay to have the fun and transportation we crave and need. BTW, you traded up real good Dave.