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    Hello to every one that might read this section?!

    I live in mesqite, nv, its about 85 miles from las vegas , nv , well i ride my moutain bike alot, and i recently got a homelite 30 cc rototiller for free, ive since mounted it up and i have a knurled 1.1" roller that was adapted from a drill chuck, it cruises around 18 - 22 mph , the engine ran great when it was on the tiller , but when mounted on the bike, it simply never ran again, so i came upon a weedeater featherlite 18cc carb, which is the(only) carb it has had for the first few days of trial riding. well it finally called it quits, but i just got some leaf blower engines and i plan on trying the carbs from them, so once i get a working engine again, and i paint everything up nice and clean i plan on posting some pics in the picture section, until then thanks for reading and ttyl .
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    hey, welcome to the forum. Pretty ingenious using a drill chuck as a spindle. Love to see some pics of your rig.