Friction motor on steep hills

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  1. mifletz

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    Can a friction motor cope with a steep hill?

    If you wanted a friction motor for short distance steepish hills, which one would you recommend?

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    hi mifletz
    I go up a big old hill (small mountain) with my robin 33 cc
    with some added pedalling
    when adjusted correctly to the tire will stall engine if no assist by leg
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    How steep is your hill: 1 in 5, 1 in 4?

    Is there a company that ships friction kits worldwide?
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    I always supplement the motor when going uphill by pedalling a little. Not standing up on the pedals, but just sitting down & helping out.I do the same way when on wet pavement.It is just less work for the motor. All friction that I have ever had would get up all but the steepest hills on their own though own, except the one very small one I had. In the avatar
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    I'd recommend the TLE43cc Mitsubishi engine with 1.125" roller.

    I had the Subaru 1.6hp w/1.125" on a 20" Dahon bike. Smooth, top speed 25mph. Okay on hills.

    Mitsubishi engine with 1.125" roller on cruiser bike. Engine screams, maybe 30mph. Great on hills. With 1.5" roller, a great cruiser, smooth, mellow, top speed 32mph.

    GP460 engine with 1.25" or 1.375" roller on light bike. Lousy on hills or headwinds, but an EXTREMELY fast bike, top speed 45mph on part throttle.

    Choose your pleasure.:jester:
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    I can help with this. It is not that hard to change the roller in this kit.

    It looks like the have 1" and 1.25" rollers.

    The rollers in the Staton kits are harder to change.
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    Looks good. Now all I need is a company who'll ship a Robin to Israel. Any ideas?
  10. I'm not positive.

    Ask if they will ship to Israel. My guess is that they will ship anywhere. I have a Staton friction drive kit with 1 1/8 inch roller, largest available fuel tank, and a Subaru Robin 33.5cc, 1.6HP engine mounted on a Schwinn Jaguar 7 speed bike. Top speed is about 25MPH on the flat. I help by pedaling on steepish hills and when it is wet. The kit will mount easily on almost any bike, but I think middle to fat sized wheels/tires work much better than skinny racing wheels/tires with friction drive. I have well over 2,000 miles with no problems at all. It does wear rear tires out at about twice or three times the pedal only rate and you must use a smooth "street" tread tire. When you install any friction drive unit make certain the drive roller is absolutely perpendicular(90 degrees) to the wheel to prevent excessive tire wear. You will want to select an engine you can get parts for readily in Israel, though Staton has been quite good at shipping parts quickly. Larger rollers give more top speed, but less low end pick up and hill climbing torque.
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    it's about a 3.5 of a hill on a scale of 5 maybe
    no problem with just a little help from me