Friction Tire Question?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by tinker4, Mar 14, 2009.

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    What brand of tire are you using on your friction drive setups. My bike came with some really cheap tires and I was thinking of getting some new ones. I was lookng at the panaracer uff da tires they are 26 x 2.3 or maybe the pyramid black sun tires they are 26 x 1.35. Both are about the same price. I was just wondering what others are using and which ones might be better.:rolleyes7:

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    Haven't had any flats so far. I'm going to change out the rims on the bike also. The rim quality isn't there. I have some red rims with black spokes that are HD plus they look better. When I change them out I was going to put liners in. I was looking at the Big Apple tire wasn't sure how they would do kind of expenive wasn't sure how they would work with friction drive as far as wear with the roller.
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    Quite a difference between 2.3 and 1.35. One is like a beach cruiser and the other a road bike or 700c type wheels.
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    26 x 2.135

    I was refering to the 26 x 2.135 not a 26 x 1.35
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    I run continental town & country. They come in 26x1.95 and 26x2.1. They're supposed to be high mileage tires so they're well suited to friction drive. They have a wide strip of smooth rubber down the middle and negative treading off to the sides so they roll really smooth and have enough bite for everything but the roughest off road riding. I very much prefer wider tires for the MB as it adds a lot of stability and comfort to the ride. I wouldn't suggest anything below 1.5in wide tires, they're fast rolling but they don't perform very well if you have to deal with bad pavement and they don't absorb bumps as well. Less surface area for scrubber drives as well, wider tires probably perform better when you're unlucky enough to encounter wet roads on a long incline.