Fried Stator Coil

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    I have been doing this motorized bike thing for a good year and a half now and I have solved so many problems. For the most part, my moto has been incredibly reliable and dependable.

    In the last 6 weeks, I have had two stator coils fail. Water is not an issue. Tomorrow, a new one arrives by mail and I expect to be on the road again toute de suite.

    My connections have been good and I am careful to check for spark only while the plug is in contact with the engine block. What causes them to fry out besides a lack of connection? Can they be repaired? I have a soldering gun.


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    I found a place here that rewinds electrical motors and had them rewind one for me. I think it has been more reliable than the stock ones. If you use a thicker wire the timing will be less advanced which is better for engines with more compression. Everyone should have the cylinder head shaved down for more compression on these engines. It really improves power output.
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    pry up on the end of the crank on that side, if it moves, then the main bearing is bad & letting the rotor hit the stator which shakes the coil loose internally
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