From Experience, how reliable is the 4G T Belt Drive?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Russ, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Russ

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    I am a newcomer to the world of motored bicycles and was thinking of building one for daily commute to work. I live in a hilly area(east tennessee) and need reliability, but don't have and endless budget. I found this kit which the seller says they are getting a new shipment in a couple of weeks It seems a somewhat middle ground price/quality between a more quality kit like golden eagle or ez bikes and a cheap 2 stroke no name brand chinese kit. I have calculated that I need to log around 2500 miles on the bicycle before it pays for itself in gas costs.

    The question I have is how reliable are the 4G T Belt Drives since they seem to be the weak link in the system?
    How many miles have you logged on these newer drives?
    I know there were some problems with the one way bearing. Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?

    Thanks in advance for your input and experience..

  2. Samdallas214

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    If you are expecting to get that kind of miles you need to go with an American Made kit any kit under $450-$500+ shipping is going to be a no name from china even the 4 stroke. you will never get that kind of miles out of a $380.00 kit if you are like me and only need it for a few month a cheap kit it worth the chance if you want hi Miles like that go American Made.
    I getting a kit from BB but that's only because I will only need it for 3- 6 months tops if I needed it for a long time or hi miles (longer then the 6 month warranty period and no more then 20 miles a week ) I would not buy a cheap kit. And to tell you the truth If I had more then $400.00 I would not buy one now. If you have the money (god I wished I did ) go American made.
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    There are ways to purchase the American quality kits for less. There are 3 companies that replace the problematic drive systems with American made units, they are Golden Eagle [GeBe], Stanton, and EZM. A little research on this site will do wonders when selecting a 4-stroke kit.

    For the many of us, that are victoms of our current economy, I suggest contacting the companies that use American parts and try to "make a deal". Some of our dealers have been known to help others by offering kits near or at dealer cost. Might be worth a few phone calls to find out. I know of EZM dealers that have replaced the original Q-Matic drive with later versions and sold the original drive at a reduced rate. Like I said, it might be worth a few phone calls to find out. You might want to start by calling Jay Cruise in PA or Kramer at Helmut Cycles in AZ. Bill Boulton in AZ has also sold used Q-Matic drives at a great price when he upgraded to a later version of the Q-Matic.

    It is also important to note the American companies put a much longer warranty on the kit [we have a 1 year parts warranty], which indicates a much better bargain.

    For the many that will chance the purchase of one of the problematic kits, don't worry as we are currently making adapters to allow using the Q-Matic drive on the less expensive kit motors with the tapered shaft. We hope to have the adapter kits in stock within the next 90 days.

    Just remember we will offer help to anyone, no matter which 4-stroke kit purchased. We are currently upgrading our website and the new site will feature the Q-Matic and all parts will be avaialble if anyone wants to build their own drive. We will offer the special mounting plate, bearing support arms, internal idler, pulleys, belts, covers, shafts, automatic clutches, etc if anyone wants to build their own version of the Q-Matic drive. After all this is a DIY hobby.

    Have fun,
  4. KCvale

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    Well, I got my HS/4G kit from gasbike and a 4-stroke shift kit from sick bike parts and Big Red turned out well.


    Note I pulled that obnoxious box exhaust off and popped on a 2-stroke regular pipe and moved the on/off switch to the handlebars between these pics.


    I rode it for a few months and sold it to a local guy a couple of months ago and he hasn't called with any problems.

    I do NOT like the choke on the HS engines, it is real pain to get to in a tight fit bike nor do I care for cent. clutch, all that keeps the bell on the motor shaft is the little angled piece of metal to hold the left side cover on.

    If you put a little grease on the outside of the clutch bell, shim the mount and then don't overtighten the belt it works dandy though.

    It seems I had an issue with the freewheel on one build however and I did replace the cent clutch piece for another guy when the springs broke.

    If you are dealing with hills though I highly recommend a shift kit, Big Red has a 3-speed but it's pretty flat around here.
    I don't care for pedaling and direct drives need pedal help from a dead stop and that is flat ground. Find your having to start up a hill and you will really be regretting not letting the motor share your bike gears ;-}
  5. The_Aleman

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    I've had my 4G for 2 years, I love it. Mine had a bad clutch and clutch drum from the factory, but after replacing it I haven't had one single problem with it.

    My 4G is a solid-pulley 2010 model, has no one-way bearing, and it's mounted on SBP's 4-stroke shift kit. It has awesome performance considering it's power level.
  6. KCvale

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    What do you have for rear gears Aleman?
    I haven't built a 4S JS with a derailleur but I know how they are with 2-strokes and with a missed downshift it is not to hard to snap a 7-speed chain with a 'torque blow'.
  7. IbedaYank

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    70mm drumbrake sturmey archer 3 speed internal