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    Hi all,
    580tom here. Real name Tom Lavalette. I am new to the motored bike world... BUT I do race lawn mowers! Check out and these are our local and national websites.
    In the >real world< I make my money driving truck. Another thing I do is farm on a reasonable scale and grow food in a chemical free manner. This for a couple reasons, 1 I have issues (allergies & intolerances to many foods) and 2 with the terrible way the world is fast becoming I would like to continue eating.
    In the Lawn Mower racing world I am the President of PALMRA the PA Lawn Mower Racing Assoc. and the Eastern Regional Director of the USLMRA the US Lawn Mower Racing Assoc.
    I have a very complete home shop and can fab most everything inhouse. Been planning on building a high mileage vehicle for some time. I found this site through a link from
    Anything I can do to help just ask.
    Thanks for having me onboard.

  2. Mountainman

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    welcome Tom

    I enjoy watching those racing lawn mowers

    we are looking forward to hearing more regarding your motor bike build

    I am on my way to click on your links above

    because ---------- I love to watch those lawn mower THINGS
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    Tom, welcome to MBc! I'm from Lancaster County (Quarryville), and there are a few other members here from our neck of the woods. I've built two bikes with 48cc GruBee 2-cycle engines, and also ride a Whizzer. I'll be working on another project (4-stroke) once the kit arrives.
    I've seen videos of lawn mower racing and it looks like a lot of fun! Unfortunately I'd never be able to participate unless there's a push mower class. :laugh4: :dizzy2: :stuart:
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    Hey Tom
    I'm in the middle of a bike build right now. I'm only a few minutes from you if you ever want to check it out. I am also one of the owners of and have raced localy here for many years from Karts on up.

    The Bike build Im working on now is a Honda 4 Stroke on a brand new Aluminum Trek Clyde Cruiser frame. My plan is to get it it titled as a moped and use is to commute back and fourth to work next year. I also now have a Vintage Schwinn Stingray Cruiser I traded someone a case of beer at work for :) Have no clue what I will eventually do with the Schwinn.
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    Thanks all for the welcome.
    I feel at home here already.
    Never though 2 of you would be in Lancaster... 1 just at the other end of my street.
    KilroyCD send me a PM maybe I can get over and see your machines.
    The mowers are a blast. Something you do not have to spend a lot on, although you can. If you look at our rules on the letsmow site and see what the CP class is we are (in PA) trying something new in 09. We will run another CP class but it will be restricted. Same rules but with a stock, governed engine. Purpose is to keep costs at a minimum.
    Back to the bikes........I do plan on building something. Kinda like the pusher trailer idea.
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    PM sent.