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    Hello everyone. I have browsed some of the threads and I like what I read. The community is very supportive of each other and friendly. I've already learned a bunch of new things in just a couple of days.

    I'm considering seriously using a motorized bike for daily commuting in LA. It's largely flat where I would be riding but I will encounter some hills. My main concern is how do I ride, ie, do I just ride out in the middle of the street like a motorcyclist or do I hug the edge of the street while using the sidewalks strategically? All of the above?

    A motor powered bike is a sort of weird animal in this regard. I'm not so concerned with cops as I am with personal safety. Also the threads about how to prevent flat tires is very interesting as I've noticed that my Electra chopper bike (yet unmotorized) is prone to flats. I would image that issue will be even more exaggerated once I get to using it more heavily on the streets.

    Anyway, I could ramble on more but I just wanted to say hi and great site. Oh, I have attached a photo of my bike. No motor yet, but on the way.
    Chad :cool:

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    Nice bike for a conversion. I think you have to add a plate or frame adapter for that bike but it's not like it hasn't been done already.

    Looking foreward to build photos :helmet:
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    thanks much

    I also read about bike safety last night on a sticky thread. I learned a lot. Basically riding on the sidewalks is not encouraged. You have to ride out in the street like a motorcycle.