From perfect little get around motor to dog in one gasket replacement?!? (FIXED IT!!!)


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3:59 AM
Jul 31, 2023
Port Townsend, WA, USA
So my CMB PK80 Wildcat now seems to be so much worthless junk. It died and needed top end gaskets, but after the repair, while it does run, it tops out around 22mph and cannot get up the slightest hill without pedal assist. Thus it is to me completely worthless junk now!

I can't for the life of me figure out why, it just sucks now, I'd be better off pulling the motor and pedaling the bike again, and that's probably what will happen.

I'm really pissed because there should be no reason for this, and I don't see any possible fix. It just has lost at least 1/3, maybe half it's power, and there is nothing wrong!

I might play with the carb needle, but I don't expect it will help any. I just have a junk engine that needs replaced. I wanted to have a backup engine, but now it appears if I want that I will need to purchase two new engines.

I'm so angry at this piece of junk I may just take a hammer to it and toss it in the dumpster. In fact if I don't mess with the needle, that is absolutely my plan for the next hour, to take my frustrations out on that china junk with a ball peen hammer!

The ONLY reason I will purchase from a shady outfit like CMB is because I can use PayPal and make payments, otherwise I'd never purchase from there again.
Off to put it out of it's misery.

Damn I cannot afford another engine right now. I have to buy one anyway, not having any transpo but the bus is not an option. Damn I need to go take out my aggressions on that piece of junk now. I guess I will be back after I waste my money on another probably junk engine.
You might be better off going 4stroke.
I can't afford it. Not to mention the cranks will not fully come apart. I stripped the threads of a crank tool trying..

I didn't smash the thing. I want to, but it still can get me to the store that isn't down hill.

I'm completely baffled at how it can lose so much power, but to all appearances, nothing should be wrong?