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Hi! I saw this China engines and I understand, that this is copy of our russian engine "D" ("Red October" plant in St.Peterburg) that have more than 50 years history. Copied everything from clutch to gas tank. Look at this:

"D" engines are not produced anymore in Russia...

More photos of our motorized bicycles you can see in gallery of our retro MC:

Thank you for your site, I've found here a lot of interesting information, and I will be glad to help you with our information about motorized bicycles if you will need something.

And now about my moped :) Frame was found in forest, rewelded and painted. Engine was upgraded with handmade CDI (similar to "F" engine) and installed watercooled cylinder, but still without radiator:
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hi Hammer!

it's way cool to see you here & to see that y'all got your thing goin' on, too...apparently the love of motoredbiking transcends all borders :D

welcome to the MBc 8)


Hammer,First I must say those are some impressive toys.I love the old moped framed bike Too Cool.Its great to see other people,from other countys with the same interestes,and love for these things.Welcome Rod


srdavo, here you will find scanned book (Bicycle Engines, 1975) about this engines, it's on russian, but some schemes may be useful for repair:

Main problem for "D" engine is overheating when you run more then 5-7 km on full throttle + old mechanic ignition system :(

If you have any quetions how to tune this engine, i can help you. I've get 8000 rpm from it instead 5500 standart.

And here video of Estonian 'D'-Racing Team, their chargered engines are too fast: