From Russia with love))



Hi. I consist in two clubs first its Rastabike and the second is dyrchik (which has some graphics that may not be considered family-friendly by some...PM nikkito for the link, please)
That is why, I knew where to get a beautiful bicycle and the engine for it. In general, I take a great interest in motorcycles from 13 years. Therefore to fit the engine to a bicycle has not made the big complexity. Now at me this bicycle (photo 1). Now I have removed the engine, for its repairing, and the bicycle looks so (a photo 2). In a workshop rastabike, I have welded to myself a custom bicycle (photo 3). It is not finished yet, I shall paint it later. (by the way I not the satanist, i has simply made to myself a star bicycle))):D .
Now we try to bring to Moscow a party of the Chinese engines, as at you. Old Soviet engines are much worse than yours.In plans to weld to itself a custom chopper tricke and to put on it the engine.:D.


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Welcome man to MBc and i hope we can learn a great deal from each other.
You'll have to excuse us cos our Russian is very poor(ok ok it's non-existant) but were always happy to learn. :)