From the bluff country and NCAA II Men's BB Champs



Thanks for generous welcome.

I might explain the "other engine."

It is currently a Honda GX25, running a TREK CNC Cruiser with GEBE (Golden EAgle) kit.

Am changing the power unit to a Tanaka 33 or 40, as the single speed bike and Honda are not the best combo to ride up the hills to my house in this town. Am not fond of peddling a single speed upwards for 10 min on hot days after cruising around having beers with dodger friends all day. So, I am selling the Honda and buying the 33 or 40, which I have not yet decided. The 40 may be a bit much.

Nice rig, though; I can cruise all day with no motor and still power up the hill later.

Will post pic when I figure out how this can be done on this site. Guess the jpegs are too large???


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Sep 30, 2006
Aloha Hive,

From the bluff country and NCAA II Men's BB Champs

I give up, didn't even know the Dv II tourney was over.

The 40 may be a bit much.

"Hearing" good things about the 35, but the bigger one was too much for my use. Talk to Torque and Doug !


hiya, Hive...welcome to Mbc :)

i figure timewise you're good to go on posting pics...resize to maximum 600 pixels wide before uploading...if still no luck, tell us what did or didn't happen 8)


Sorry bamabikeguy I was not specific

Won last one, on way to try and do it again (Springfield, MA). You are right, not over yet.

Re: the engine sizes. I think you guys are right. Hard to tell without a test run up this hill-shot, but I think you got me going with the 33. Thanks,