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Hi all

I'm a kid trapped in an old guys body... It's things like motorized bicycles that lets me get out to play!

Actually, I'm here by default: A young friend of mine needed someone to EBay an engine kit for a 'Chopper' project he is working on, so I volunteered. The deeper I got into this (underground) movement the more my old hippie hart rejoiced. I am a BIG guy that needs to loose weight so a couple of years ago I picked up a sun cruiser for exercise... My part of Mendocino County is quite hilly so when my knees and back gave out I hung the bike in the rafters.

Now, thanks to these little motors, I think that bike (and I) might have a new lease on life. After I see how 'The Kid's' project works out, I will be purchasing one of these kits for myself.

Oh, thanks to this site I picked up the kit from a reputable seller, Dac (Dax). Got it for under $200 shipped and insured. Even throwing in the cost of a bike makes this the least expensive way to get powered wheels on the pavement.


Larry Costa
Willits, CA


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Sep 30, 2006
Yo Larry,

born and raised in Silicone Valley here, used to go up your way in the Boy Scout days....

Every spring I wear my black and orange SF baseball cap until all hope of a pennant chase is over (15 games behind, can't even beat the d*m LAdoggers this year!!) so I'm relieved to get that tooo hot black hat off my head for the rest of the summer.


Welcome to MBc Sock !....I thought San Fernando was the "Silicone Valley ":yuck: