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  1. OBXbiker

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    hello all,

    I've been interested in building a motor-bike for some time, and will be ordering my first kit this coming friday. I want to start with an HT and add a boost bottle(s) and a performance exhaust. I'm kinda surprised that no-one offers an engine kit with this setup or am i just missing it. I've got a chopper and a shwinn and depending on how easy the first project turns out, I may motorize both of them. if any vendors do offer a setup that has an 80cc 2 stroke with boost bottles, ported manifold, and upgraded exhaust feel free to contact me. thanks and any input would be greatly appreciated!

    josh aka OBXbiker

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I would mount your engine on something easy to build first (like a steel beach cruiser or steel mountain bike). Once the motor is broken in and you learn your way around it, you can transplant the kit to a chopper, where you have to deal with offset motor mounts and such.
  3. OBXbiker

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    thanks, after reading other's posts, I'm gonna do just that!

    -Now i just need to talk my wife into letting me turn her beach cruiser into a motor-bike so we can ride together!
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    Where on the Banks are you? I'm on the S-OBX in Morehead City. I've only seen one motorized bike here, wouldn't be you would it?
  5. OBXbiker

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    No I wish I was, I love the seafood festival in beauford. I live in the northern-OBX in Kill Devil Hills.
  6. bigkahuna

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    Cool. I just pulled the trigger on a 29er mountain bike that I hope to convert to motorized.