From the Skunk Works at Helmutt Cycles, Super Dave's Custom Bike Build

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  1. Snake Bite

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    Super Dave's Helmutt Cycle

    1. first Helmutt Bike going to Canada

    2. First Helmutt Bike to be belt final drive Q-Matic..

    3. First Helmutt Proto-Dot. Rated Disc Brakes.

    Under Construction Pic's

    Introducing Super Daves, Custom Helmutt Bike

    Humbly from the Skunk Works of Helmutt Cycles

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  2. Man,those are pure works of art......phatman
  3. super dave

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    hey here it is the new build, i have a few builds under my belt now. i was looking for something low and mean. once i saw this bike from Helmutt Cycles it has all i am looking for. with some of the new items added and this motor combo it will be a great match. DK has been very good to deal with and he makes the build go smooth, a great choice for your next build
  4. GearNut

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    That's lookin' really good! I like the Hodaka inspired front forks too!
  5. biketec

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    Those sir are some of the sexxxiest welds I have ever seen!!!!! The welds alone are works of art let alone the engineering, All I can say is WOW :tt1:
  6. WhizBangAndy

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    WOW! Sweet ride there! Im thinking along the same lines for modifying my present frame but thats just SEXY!
  7. Snake Bite

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    OK Let the Final Assembly Begin

    Well afer 3 weeks plus at the Powder coat Shop this Black beauty is ready for Final assembly..

    First Rack the Frame On our Padded Assembly Stand, Next Installing the Whizzer Sheave, and fit the wheel in the drop outs. Install the Disc Brake Caliper,and route the Brake cable through the left frame rail. for a Secure,and clean Look... Dave wanted Large Classy White walls here Mounted On a 09 Whizzer NE-R rear wheel with a Light Motor cycle DOT Brake rating.. Big Caliper brake Pads large diameter. and thick rotors,
    The first question everyone asks Me Is how fast will it go?? I think the first question should be how well does it stop?? Think we've got it covered here with this Build..

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  8. Snake Bite

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    Fork,and From wheel. Final Assembly

    The bottom 1971 New Old Stock Suzuki triple trees,Top and Bottom bearings greased and Placed and adjusted..

    Top trible tree placed by only the Center Head stock Bolt

    Lower Suzuki Fork Skirts placed ,ready for the Shortened Whizzer Ambassador/NE-R forks Tubes to slide up

    With fork tube seals Placed the forks tubes slide in,placeing the Uppr Suzuki Fork Fairings.. Tighten the Lower Clamps,and Upper Bolts.. ready for a Whizzer Ambassador Front Wheel

    The Front wheel,and Caliper Modified,and Mounted.. Now she's Startin Look Pretty Fun...

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  9. rockvoice

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  10. Snake Bite

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    Fitting the Whizzer Amabassador Pipe to the EZM HS Flange

    Well after a few days with My Dad in the Hospital,and Home Now doing well, I was able to get back On Dave's Bike.. Now Since this Pipe Is was My Basic design for the Whizzer Co. One of the few things they Used from that era sure did work well here for the EZM HS Motor too. Just Made a transition piece to the HS Flange.. I'll hit about 1 1/4' with some say Black or Silver Header heat Paint, and we Just saved the Nice Chrome Pipe, and with a One set screw,,So Dave can remove the Silencer for Race day.. Took her out doors today to get a Good Picture of how that Ambassador Pipe Just Happens to Fit the Angels of My Frame.. "-) Now for a Full weekend Of get this beast Up and running...

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  11. Snake Bite

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    Obstacle Cycle problem Solving

    Ya My standard rear drop stand was a No way.. So. I did another modified Whizzer Center Stand. as I did On Joe's Indian.. as Much as they are similar they are totally different? I did a quick cut "the upper mounted side" Welded a Flat 3/16' plate,with Hole for both bolts and the return spring access..This Bought Me 3 1/4" there.. So Now it's Taking it apart Cutting the Legs down.a Negotiated amount as Ya don;t want to lose girth.. So Now I cut the Legs parallel.and welded the legs Out ward.saving what was lost at cutting them down. the legs are an Inverted V Cleaned It and Painted an Mounted the fixed pivot side to the frame.. that uses a one of the Motor mount studs stud it's washers and Nut, do Both the final Motor Mount and the Center stand mount.. kind of fun.. A Multi-tasking Stud just another elongated Hole Matching the Motor foot rear Hole. why Not use it. Now the Final Final proceeded.

    finalizing the Motor On

    The Motor with it's Helmutt Mounting foot In place. there's Now Only 2 3/8's studs that Mate with there 2 elongated Holes In the frame Bottom plate.. the strength comes from the width and length Of the Motor Foot. a simple but effective way to Mount these Motors Both the Whizzer or the EZM kit...Of course 2 different feet. unique to there own...

    With Pedal Crank stalled first with the chain is determined. wheel aliened correct tension On chain. then you simply roll the Large Belt into Place. with finding the sweet spot On the Motor foot elongated Holes.. Now Your done?? Until You discover there's a Housing bolt on the primary Just touching the final Belt.?? No good?.. So all does Not have to come completely apart Just the Motor foot with final drive belt rolled off. and clean tary cloth under under the Motor,Fix the Bolt spacing.. and the two studs Back In Place and again roll the belt On... Motor alignment fell into place. for done deal.. for that Phaze... Oh I did pedal her she drives so fun.. turns a tight circle,an as I pulled out straight ahead , I thought I heard Her speak. Naaa Must be getting punchie writing this..I did it twice Lost the first one Pumching the wrong key here at the Helmutt Desk.. Hope It reads ok... Dave's Christmas Bike. Coming Soon affter the Basic Helmutt testing Film..

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  12. give me vtec

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    wow, this bike is awesome. Are you selling these.... or is this a one off build???
  13. Snake Bite

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    Thank U. Vtec

    Hmm?? This is a Production Proto-Type Being Built To One Our Trusted Test Riders Spec's "Super Dave". Who Is Our Rep In Canada.. and Our Official Chef when we go to Bonneville

    The Bike Is a Test Bed,a few Nifty,and New articals...
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  14. Snake Bite

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    Saturday shake down

    Ok Saturday needing to rig an independent fuel cell. :idea: as Ya can't ship the Bike ith any gas in the tank so a little longer fuel line,with filter,and a small fuel cell, here's the rig..

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  15. Snake Bite

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  16. azbill

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    sounds/looks good :)
    let us know how she likes the no shroud please :)
    looks completely different without it (better...IMHO)
  17. give me vtec

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    WOW... that's all I can say.

    This is by far the most beautiful bike on the site... and the fact you made this thing makes it even better.

    My hat is off to you sir....
  18. Snake Bite

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    Bill,, I was Only Painting It..

    Although. I Just wonder??? if we could Inlarge, the cooling fins, and make a smooth flywheeel.. and get rid of the forced air cool shroud.. Hmmmm?? that's a Later Project in it's Own
  19. Snake Bite

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    Last Pictures In Phoenix

    Yes the Bike Is In a few Boxes Now, and close to being in route Up to her New Home with Dave.. where she'll get those Final personal touches.. I Know Dave will have a Blast doing..
    This Build was a fun, although as Much as I have alot of faith in my ability's.. there were some humps and Bumps.. yet all in all, what treat Building this One Off proto-type Helmutt Motorized Bicycle. Weighing In at still Only 95 lbs.. 81 Inches.tire to tire ends.. and the Bike rides Like a dream with plenty a Power.. I didn't strain it. yet it achieved 35 without Pushing it.. and Once there at speed.. getting her stopped. Is hardly a Light pull on the brake levers,,and right now your getting her shut down.. .. we Put only a total of 3 plus Miles Mostly On our Hill side roads.. where we Have descent Bike paths.. when we drove In with Both Bikes at My Favorite Watering Hole.. Chuy's Mesquite Broiler.. Where the street Called Cave Creek, Running Here In these Pictures Is a Major Drag for street Rods and general Cycle freaks.... Just another Day in the Life... here In Sunny Phoenix Arizona

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  20. StillDream'n

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    Hi Snake Bite,
    Fantastic job on that bike Build for sure! Glad to here your Dad is doing well :)
    Have fun, ride Safe,